2 Iridescent White Meditation Candles 100% Natural Beeswax 4 inches tall Pillar

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Handcrafted Iridescent White Meditation Candles 100% Natural Beeswax (set of 2).   There may be slight variations in size because we hand roll these candles and no one product is identical to another. The cotton or hemp wick has been dipped in organic beeswax to ensure it lasts longer. Be sure you check the listing size as we do offer this candle in different sizes.

Beeswax candles are known for their soot free burning which enhances the air quality in your home as they emit negative ions that help remove air contaminants. The awesome thing about hand-rolled beeswax candles is that the melted wax flows to the inside. If set on a flat surface there should be little to no drips.

CinnaBeeTM is a trademarked Utah Product.

Size is approximately:
2 - Iridescent White Meditation Candle: 4" tall x 1.7" wide

Photos are of the actual item you will receive. All CinnaBee products are fabricated in a smoke-free and pet-free environment. For those with allergies or asthma these candles are made without the additives of scents.

**Please note: We wrap the candles in tissue paper before we bubble wrap them. Sometimes the tissue paper may wick a tiny bit of surface moisture from your candle. To bring back the gloss of the wax, lightly warm candles with a blow dryer. Use a sweeping motion over the candle quickly and not too close so you don't over heat the wax. You are just warming it up to bring back the glossy shine.